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Projects & Blogs to date:

  • dsPICduino (6/11/2016)
    Open source project that utilizes Microchip’s dsPIC microcontroller and the ESP8266 WiFi module.
  • Chemistry Stir Plate (1/1/2016)
    The restoration of a 30 year old stir plate. A microcontroller was added to provide a user interface, thermocouple, and motor control features.
  • AC Power Monitor (11/16/2015)
    A project involving a power monitor capable of monitoring single phase AC voltage, current, real/reactive/apparent power, phase angle, and power factor.

About Me:

I am an electrical engineer and electronics enthusiast who loves to tinker and hack away at whatever catches my interest. I’ve created this website to serve as a platform where I can document and share some of my projects.

Much of what you will find here will involve some combination of embedded systems, analog signal conditioning, digital signal processing, control systems, and automated testing.

Happy hacking!


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