2 thoughts on “LEDs & Bandpass Filters”

  1. I got my own MSGEQ7 chip to work using some quick Arduino code, but it was still iffy and did not function properly at the high end of the frequency spectrum. I’m curious to see the details (i.e. code/schematic) of this project to see how it panned out with whatever method you used.

    1. You can look at my code… it’s hyperlinked at the bottom. Unfortunately I did this project last year before I had any intent of documenting my projects, so I’d have to go back and reconstruct it to give you a full run down. What I do remember is that you toggle a pin on the MSGEQ7 to cycle through the bandpasses, and the magnitude of that frequency band is output on another pin. You have to read that through an ADC and pipe it to its respective color. You can see my functions [Bass(), Bass1(), Midrange(), Midrange1(), Midrange2(), Highs(), Highs1()] which are responsible for correlating their corresponding frequency bands to a color and brightness of the LEDs.

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